ABP News-C Voter Opinion Poll Predicts Congress victory in Karnataka


New Delhi:   ABP News – Cvoter has released its first opinion poll data for the upcoming Karnataka State Assembly election. The survey has predicted that Congress is likely to win a majority of the seats.

According to survey findings, Congress is expected to be the top contender in the upcoming assembly elections and is likely to win 115 – 127 seats and secure a commanding 40.1% of the total vote share. BJP is projected to achieve 68 – 80 seats with a 34.7% vote share, while JDS is predicted to be in a distant third position, with a relatively low vote share of 17.9% and a projected 23-35 seats. Other parties are expected to receive 7.3% of the vote share and 0-2 seats.

ABP News-CVoter also conducted a snap poll in Karnataka to gauge the sentiments of the voters and find out who they prefer as the next Chief Minister of the state. A staggering 39.1% of respondents chose Siddaramaiah (Congress), while 31.1% voted for Basavaraj Bommai (BJP) and 21.4% supported HD Kumaraswamy (JDS). Only 3.2%voted for D.K. Shivkumar, the other chief ministerial aspirant from the Congress party.

The survey findings suggest that 29.1% of voters consider unemployment as one of the most important issues. Whereas 21.5 % of respondents flagged concern on subject of electricity, roads, and water. 19%respondents considered education facilities as a challenge, 2.9% identified law and order or women security, 12.7% considered corruption in government works was the key issue, 4% people considered issue of Corona Pandemic, 3.5% respondents considered issues related to farmers/ agriculture, 1.2% respondent considered national issues, meanwhile 6.1% voters identified other issues as most significant.



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