This Odisha couple donates their old-age pension to Relief Fund

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While the Coronavirus has severely affected our country, Indians  from all walks of life have joined hands to fight against the pandemic.

Apart from the doctors, nurses and the police who are the first line of defence, there are other heroes too who are going the extra mile to help. From women stitching masks at home for the needy to small children donating their piggy bank saving, a lot of heartwarming stories are coming to light.

An old couple from Odisha, who depends on monthly old-age pension, have donated their 2-month pension worth Rs. 1000 each to the Odisha Chief Minister’s Relief fund and the PM-CARE fund.

The couple-Kamulu Harijan (67) and Mangai Harijan(63) from Odisha’s remote Navrangpur District depend upon the monthly old-age pension of R.500  and the PDS rice they get under the food-security scheme of the government. Sometimes, this child-less old couple have to work to meet their extra expenses like medicines and hopitalisation.

Recently the central government has transferred three-month’s pension to the beneficiaries of old-age pension scheme. While, the couple has received a total amount of Rs. 3000 as pension, they have donated their 2-month pension worth Rs.2000 to the government relief fund-one thousand each to the PM-CARE and the CM relief Fund.

“Every time the government is helping us, but in this difficult time, the people should come forward to help the government.  Every people should contribute to the government as per their ability” they said.

According to local people, both Kamlu and Mangai have been working for the society for the last several decades.

Though old age and Poverty has weakened their physical ability, it has not diminished their resolve.

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