Rattanindia launches financial aggregator platform ‘BankSe’


New Delhi : Fintech, E-commerce and drone solutions company Rattanindia Enterprises (REL) on Monday announced the launch of its all-digital, financial aggregator platform, BankSe on the popular android mobile platform and through www.bankse.in web portal.

BankSe is owned by NeoTec Enterprises Limited (NEL), which is the wholly owned subsidiary of Rattanindia Enterprises. It has been envisioned with the core premise of making available every digital financial solution to customers, that established banks have to offer.

“BankSe, a one-stop financial solutions provider, is designed with a tech-driven approach, to analyze multiple life-stage and financial parameters of customers and to come up with tailored solutions,that are well-priced for their individual requirements. It has developed a platform which connects with the defined processes of the lenders, thereby offering them instant visibility of customer’s background and their historical financial records. At launch, it is partnering with large commercial banks and NBFCs in India to present maiden offerings in the personal loans, 2W-loans and credit card segments, with several more categories to be added subsequently” the company said.
“Prospective customers will now have the convenience of logging onto the app or website and uploading requisite documentation digitally to experience outcomes in real, quick time. Hitherto used to multi-step, offline processes involving 3rd party intermediaries, BankSe will usher in convenience like never before. As an additional feature any customer using BankSe will be able to get a personalized credit score, entirely free of cost” it added.

“BankSe fulfills the basic tenet of universal financial inclusion, by providing credit, when and where it is most required. With the formal launch of India’s premier, digital one-stop financial solution provider, REL seeks to create a vibrant model bringing established sector behemoths together on a common platform, where customers can access financing as per their own terms and pace. With an intuitive, tech-enabled platform, all users shall be able to avail chosen lending products in a matter of clicks. We are proud to be associated with India’s leading banks and NBFCs, as our day one partners in this endeavor. As the model evolves, we shall introduce new features, products, and partners through the platform. We believe that our solutions-based approach is bound to have a positive multiplier effect on the economy, as customers begin to self-service financing, to match their aspirations and needs” Anjali Rattan Nashier, Business Chairperson of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited said.


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