PM Modi inaugurates new Parliament Building amid opposition’s boycott


NewDelhi : Amid boycott by 21 opposition parties, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament building in New Delhi on Sunday. The ceremony began with a havan, followed by a prayer ceremony attended by representatives of 25 political parties and many dignitaries.

After the prayers, the Prime Minister installed the historic ‘Sengol’ near the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chair. The ‘Sengol’ is a sceptre that was presented to India by the Adheenams, a group of Shaivaite Hindu religious leaders from Tamilnadu.

The Prime Minister then unveiled the plaque to mark the inauguration of the new Parliament building. He also felicitated the workers who were involved in the construction of the building.
The new Parliament building is a symbol of India’s progress and democracy. It is a state-of-the-art facility that will be able to accommodate the growing needs of the Indian Parliament.

The Prime Minister said that the new Parliament building will be a “temple of democracy” and that it will help India to “achieve new heights of progress”. He also said that the building will be a “symbol of India’s unity and diversity”.
The inauguration of the new Parliament building is a historic occasion for India. It is a sign of the country’s growing strength and its commitment to democracy. The new Parliament building will be a place where the people of India can come together to debate and discuss the issues that matter to them. It will be a symbol of India’s democracy and its future.


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