Oil prices drop for the 10th day, IOCL cuts Petrol by 21 paise, diesel by 15-16 paise

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New Delhi : Petrol & Diesel prices have continued to slide for the 10th day. Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), India’s largest oil marketing company, today cut Petrol prices by 21 paise and Diesel prices by 15-16  paise.

With this reduction Petrol price has come down to Rs.77.42 and Diesel prices to Rs. 68.58 in Delhi. Similarly, Petrol and Diesel Prices in Mumbai has come down to Rs.85.24 and Rs.73.02 respectively. Similarly, in Bhubaneswar Petrol and Diesel prices have come down to Rs.76.23 and Rs. 73. 52 respectively.

With drop in crude oil prices in the international market the price cut is expected to continue in the coming days. In the international market, Brent Crude Oil has once again increased to USD 77.26 per barrel for June 2018 deliveries.

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