Modi targets Naveen, Rakes up Ratna Bhandar issue


Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched another scathing attack on not only BJD, but Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik also by saying that people of Odisha are tired of BJD’s misgovernance and their disrespect towards the state’s rich culture.

Commencing his extensive campaign with the Vijay Sankalp Samavesh at Phulbani Stadium in Odisha’s Kandhamal district, Modi initiated his address by speaking in Odia, paying homage to the region’s revered deities. Additionally, he expressed appreciation for the affection shown by two women towards him.

Targeting the Naveen Patnaik-led BJD government, Modi expressed concerns over the missing keys of the inner chamber of Ratna Bhandar of Puri Jagannath Temple since six years. “You even failed to take care of the treasury of Lord Jagannath. The incident has deeply hurt me. The people of Odisha have the right to know where the keys are. Who has the keys? The state government then tried to deflect the criticism by stating that the duplicate keys had been found. Now, the question is, why were duplicate keys made in the first place? Were these keys used to open the treasury at night and steal the Lords’ jewellery? The government constituted a commission to probe the case, but it is yet to make the report public. Why is the government running away from answering these questions? Whom is it trying to protect?”

The Prime Minister also spoke about his recent roadshow in Bhubaneswar, highlighting the enthusiastic reception from the public. “Your affection fuels my resolve, and I am committed to reciprocating every measure of your faith through dedicated service to the nation. I pledge to tirelessly labor to transform Odisha’s destiny and propel it towards development,” he affirmed.

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