Merchant Ship with 15 Indians hijacked off Somalia coast, Indian Navy mobilizes INS Chennai


Biznextindia: A merchant ship flying the Liberian flag was reportedly hijacked off the coast of Somalia, carrying 15 Indian crew members. Responding swiftly, the Indian Navy mobilized the warship INS Chennai to oversee the unfolding events and safeguard the crew’s well-being.

Named ‘MV LILA NORFOLK’, the hijacked vessel came under Indian Navy scrutiny following recent intel received late yesterday.

Military sources confirmed that Indian Navy aircraft have maintained constant surveillance on the situation. Additionally, communication has been established with the crew members, who are currently in a secure location on the ship.

The Indian Navy’s deployed platforms promptly reacted to a maritime incident occurring in the Arabian Sea, which involved an attempted hijacking aboard a bulk carrier flying the Liberian flag. The vessel signaled a distress message via the UKMTO portal, reporting an intrusion by around five to six unidentified armed individuals on Thursday evening.

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