Mehbooba hits back at Shah, BJP disowning its own narrative as ‘soft’


NewDelhi : A day after BJP President’s allegation that  the PDP government was not honoring the common agenda PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti today hit back, saying that it is unfortunate that BJP is disowning its own initiative by calling it a soft approach.

“Many false charges levelled against us by our former allies. Our commitment to the Agenda of Alliance, co-authored by Ram Madhav & endorsed by senior leaders like Rajnath Ji never wavered. It is sad to see them disown their own initiative & label it a ‘soft approach” she has tweeted.

“Status quo on Article 370, dialogue with Pakistan & Hurriyat were a part of AoA. Encouraging dialogue, withdrawing cases against stonepelters & the unilateral ceasefire were much needed measures to restore confidence on the ground. This was recognized & endorsed by BJP”.

She also refuted the accusation by the BJP chief that she was ignoring the Jammu and Ladakh regions.

“Allegations of discrimination against Jammu & Ladakh have no basis in reality. Yes, the valley has been in turmoil for a long time & the floods of 2014 were a setback, therefore needed focused attention. But that does not mean that there was any less development elsewhere.”

Yesterday, the BJP President had accused that PDP government was ignoring the Jammu and Ladakh regions. He also demanded apology from Congress President Rahul Gandhi for the remarks made by senior Congress leaders on Kashmir.

“PM Modi sent crores of rupees for the development of J&K, but the Mehbooba Mufti led  PDP government ignored the interests of Jammu and Ladakh. So we decided to quit the government. For us development of Jammu and Ladakh is the top-most priority” he had said yesterday in Jammu.


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