India yet to take decision on evacuation of its citizens from Cruise Ship ‘Diamond Princess’

8 Coronavirus infected Indians are being treated in Japan


New Delhi: One more Indian passenger in the quarantined cruise ship ‘Diamond Princess’ has been tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID19). With this, the total Indians infected in the virus has increased to 8.

According to the Indian Embassy in Tokyo, these 8 persons are receiving treatment and responding well. However, the embassy has remained silent on evacuating the un-infected Indians from the ship.

“1 Indian crew who tested positive for #COVID19 among 79 new cases on #DiamondPrincess yesterday too has been shifted to hospital for treatment. All 8 Indians receiving treatment are responding well. Rest all Indians on-board are braving out the trying circumstances” the Indian embassy has twitted.


The Japanese government on Wednesday allowed the people who have tested negative to leave the vessel. Accordingly, countries like US, Australia, Britain, Canada have already begun evacuating their citizens. However, the Indian government is yet to make any official announcement on the evacuation of the Indians from the ship.

Out of the 3700 people in the Ship, around 620 people are tested positive in Croronavirus.  Off the total 138 Indians in the ship, 8 people are being treated after tested positive and the rest 130 un-infected Indians have requested the government of India for evacuation.

Meanwhile, two elderly passengers from the Diamond Princess infected with the COVID-19 have died, the Japanese media said, marking the first deaths from the ship,

The Cruise ship has been kept quarantined at the Yokohama port since February 3 after reports of Coronavirus infection among the people on board.

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