#Coronavirus death toll rises to 56 in China, 1975 new confirmed cases

Death toll may rise drastically as 324 patients are critical


New Delhi:  The People’s Republic of China is facing a grave situation as the death toll due to the Novel coronavirus has touched 56 with as many as 1975 new confirmed cases, the Chinese media reported.

The death toll is feared to rise drastically to reach hundreds, as out of the 1975 confirmed cases, 324 patients are reportedly critical. Another 2684 people have been kept under observation as suspected patients.

According to the National Health Commission of China, as many as 688 new confirmed cases, 1,309 new suspected cases and 15 deaths from the disease (13 in Hubei, one in Shanghai and one in Henan) were reported in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, 49 patients have sent back to homes from the hospitals after recovering from the disease.

A total of 23,431 close contacts have been traced, and among them, 21,556 were under medical observation while 325 others were discharged on Saturday, the Commission said.

image Credit : China daily

Apart from mainland China, 5 cases have been identified in Hong Kong and 2 cases in Macao.

The Coronavirus is reportedly spreading its wings to other countries with USA, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Nepal, France and Australia have reported confirmed cases.

Though India is yet to report any confirmed case of the Coronavirus, the government has taken several steps to cope with the situation.

Close monitoring is being undertaken for all the passengers who are arriving from China and Hong Kong across 19 International Airports in India. All the passengers are undergoing thermal screening, the Indian Ministry of Health said.

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