China reports first Doctor Death in Coronavirus as death toll rises to 41


Biznextindia : China on Saturday reported the first doctor death in Wuhan city due to novel coronavirus pneumonia. Liang Wudong, a surgeon at Xinhua Hospital in Wuhan, died at 7 am at the age of 62, a China-based news portal has reported. The doctor was reportedly infected last week before he was transferred to Wuhan’s Jinyintan Hospital for treatment. According to Chinese media, several other medical workers are feared to be infected by the virus.

With this, the total death count due to the virus has risen to 41 with thousands infected in the Chinese mainland.

The situation due to the outbreak of Coronavirus is getting out of control in the Chinese city of Wuhan as the city is struggling to cope with the numbers reporting pneumonia symptoms. Hospitals are turning away hundreds of patients as they have no rooms for admitting new patients.

image credit : Xinhua

The Chinese government is constructing several makeshift hospitals and deploying hundreds of Military doctors to cope with the heavy rush of patients to hospitals. About 450 military medical personnel and eight medical teams have already arrived in the Wuhan city to fight the Coronavirus.

“The military medical personnel, among which are 143 from Air Force Medical University in Xi’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, 150 from The Second Military Medical University in Shanghai and 135 from Army Medical University in Chongqing. They and a batch of medical supplies and equipment were sent to Wuhan by the Airborne Force” said a report by

Meanwhile, the first cases of the virus infection have been confirmed in Europe and South Asia. While Europe’s first case is identified in France, South Asia’s first case is identified in Nepal.

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