10 jobs that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started replacing


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a thing of the future, it has already arrived.  AI is transforming the way businesses execute their operations and services delivered to the customers or public.  There are several jobs that are expected to become obsolete in the future due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Some examples include:


  1. Data entry and data processing jobs, as AI algorithms are becoming increasingly adept at handling these tasks.
  2. Telemarketing and customer service jobs, as more companies are using AI-powered chatbots and other forms of automation to handle customer interactions.
  3. Bank job like trailer and cashiers. Some of the banks jobs are already taken over by machines and in future the trend will accelerate.
  4. Journalists : some jobs in the news industry will be lost to AI like news writing, editing, video editing, fact checking, voice over.
  5. Retail jobs, as AI-powered personal shopping assistants and self-checkout systems become more prevalent.
  6. Manufacturing jobs, as AI-controlled robots and automation systems become more capable of performing tasks that were previously done by human workers.
  7. Delivery jobs, as AI-controlled drones and self-driving vehicles become more prevalent.
  8. Transportation jobs, as AI-controlled self-driving cars and trucks become more prevalent.
  9. Some jobs in finance, as AI-powered robo-advisors and other forms of automation are being used to handle tasks that were previously done by human financial advisors.
  10. Certain professional jobs such as diagnostic radiologists, legal researchers, and some types of financial analysts may be at risk of automation due to AI.

It’s worth noting that while some jobs may become obsolete, new jobs will also be created as technology continues to advance. Also, in many jobs there is no substitute for human professionals including Doctors, counselors, artistes, musicians, creative writers, Chief executives, lawyers, psychiatrics, scientists, writers, poets and many more. In fact, the above listed sectors also create human jobs of different kinds like AI professionals or AI expert.



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