Heartwarming viral post about a pandit sharing prasad and accepting money through Paytm


Paytm has been at the vanguard of India’s transition to a cashless economy as a pioneer of mobile and QR payments. Not only it commands a leadership in digital payment sector, it is creating significant impact on the daya to day lives of the common man. Gouthami TS, the founder of Aeronuts India, brought attention to this in a LinkedIn post.

In the post, Gouthami narrates her experience while she was out to pick up dinner when a man came to her and offered prasad. After giving her the prasad the man asked for dakshina (donation). When she told him that she didn’t have cash, the man asked her to ‘Paytm’ the money. Praising the powerful social impact that Paytm has made in the country “over years of struggles” in making people’s lives better, Gouthami goes on to say,”This post is to celebrate the social impact each sector is striving to make”.

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