TCS Launches its Data Exchange and Marketplace Platform on Google Cloud


MUMBAI : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced the launch of TCS Dexam™ data marketplace platform on Google Cloud. The platform enables enterprises to democratize and monetize data across ecosystems. As enterprises come together to form collaborative ecosystems to create new products and services for their mutual customers, they require mechanisms to effectively and securely share data. TCS Dexam provides a seamless data exchange for enterprises and their ecosystem partners, while ensuring compliance with data privacy, consent, and security regulations. Offered as a Software-as-a-Service, TCS Dexam breaks down cross-functional boundaries and enables controlled data exchange and improved data governance within and across enterprises.

The cloud-agnostic platform provides a self-service, secure environment that uses standardized tools and technologies to facilitate data extraction, analytics, and visualization to commercialize value via manageable contracts. TCS Dexam integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud services, making it easy for businesses to access and use the data they need in their own applications and services. It leverages Google Cloud’s built-in security and compliance features, such as data encryption and access control, to help ensure data is protected and used in accordance with industry regulations and best practices.

“To launch and operationalize an innovative ecosystem offering that combines the individual products and services of each of the participants but is more than the sum of its parts, enterprises need to orchestrate the democratization and seamless flow of data within each organization and across the ecosystem,” said Nidhi Srivastava, Global Head, Google Business Unit, TCS. “TCS Dexam on Google Cloud generates measurable business benefits by enabling better decisions leveraging the power of data, strengthening innovation-led ecosystem partnerships, and building new revenue streams through data democratization and monetization.”

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