Cipla launches Spirofy®, India’s first pneumotach based portable wireless Spirometer for diagnosis of COPD,asthma


Mumbai : Cipla Limited has Spirofy®, India’s first pneumotach based portable, wireless Spirometer, on World COPD Day. With this launch, the company intends to revolutionize Obstructive Airway Disease (OAD) diagnosis, in line with its ambition to strengthen its position as the lung leader in India.

This a part of the Company’s LungAttack campaign that endeavors to drive awareness about COPD and encourage early diagnosis. Cipla’s Spirofy® is a result of 5 years of meticulous in-house research by the Integrated Product Development (IPD) team, and it aims to transform Obstructive Airway Disease (OAD) diagnosis in India. This advanced device ensures high result accuracy and individual patient safety using Bacterial Viral Filters. Spirofy® is entirely wireless with good battery backup, making it suitable for use in outdoor camps, remote areas with power shortages, or simply providing physicians’ flexibility and ease of use. The device generates reports in real-time, which can be printed using a portable wireless thermal printer instantly, or a pdf version can be shared on the phone. Cipla will undertake training of physicians in the interpretation of spirometry results.

Spirometry is the gold standard for COPD diagnosis, however owing to the bulky size, complex functionality, need for regular maintenance are some reasons that impacted the widespread acceptance of conventional spirometers by medical practitioners. This resulted in underdiagnosis or misdiagnosis of COPD cases in India. Currently, COPD remains the 2nd most common cause of death2 in India after heart diseases, where India alone bears 32% of the global COPD burden.

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