Advanced Enzymes announces positive clinical breakthrough  in  the  randomized  controlled trials  of  systemic  enzymes  and  probiotics  to resolve ‘long COVID’ fatigue symptoms


Biznextindia : Advanced  Enzyme  Technologies  Limited  (AETL)  has  announced  that  its  systemic  enzyme  and  probiotic  supplements—ImmunoSEB  and  ProbioSEB  CSC3  have  passed  the  promising  stages  of  randomized  controlled clinical trials in terms of efficacy to resolve post‐COVID fatigue symptoms.

Muscle fatigue and cognitive disturbances persist in patients after recovery from acute COVID‐19 disease. However, there are no specific treatments available globally to treat post‐COVID  fatigue complications.

With  an  aim  to  evaluate  the  efficacy  and  safety  of  the  health  supplements  ImmunoSEB  (systemic enzyme  complex)  and  ProbioSEB  CSC3  (probiotic  complex)  in  patients  suffering  from  COVID‐19 induced  fatigue,  a  randomized,  multi‐centric,  double  blind  and  placebo‐controlled  trial  was conducted in 200 patients suffering from post‐COVID fatigue symptoms.

The  test  arm  (100  patients)  received  the  oral  supplements  for  14‐days  and  the  control  arm  (100 patients) received placebo, informed Dr. Abhijit K. Rathi, Principal Scientist, AETL.

The randomized clinical trial was conducted on 200 patients that did not have an active SARS‐CoV‐2 infection,  as  determined  by  a  negative  COVID‐19  test,  with  a  complaint  of  post‐COVID  fatigue.

Patients  were  required  to  have  a  positive  COVID‐19  test  at  any  time  in  the  past.  The  trial  was conducted across  three centres in India—Swasthya Hospital, Bhopal; Samvedna Hospital, Varanasi; and  Chirayu  Medical  College  &  Hospital,  Bhopal  by  Investigators  for  14‐days,  informed  Dr  Rathi.

According to the clinical research paper published by the Switzerland‐based “Medicines” Journal on August 30, 2021, the treatment efficacy was compared using the Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFQ‐11) for 14‐days.  Interestingly,  the  supplemental  treatment  resulted  in  resolution  of  fatigue  in  a  greater percentage in patients during  the  test as against  the control arm  (91% vs. 15%) during  the 14‐day trial. Patients in the test arm category showed a significantly greater reduction the overall physical and mental  fatigue  scores  as  against  patients  in  the  control arm  segment.  The supplements were well  tolerated  with  no  adverse  events  reported.  This  clinical  study  demonstrated  that  the  14‐day supplementation of ImmunoSEB and ProbioSEB CSC3 resolved post‐COVID‐19 fatigue symptoms and improved patients’ functional status and quality of life, informed Dr. Rathi.

The Coronavirus disease‐19 (COVID‐19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2), is a worldwide pandemic afflicting a large population across the globe. Most infected people develop acute symptoms that last for 7–10 days. However, one or more symptoms (physical, cognitive  and/or  psychological)  persist  for  weeks  or  even  months  in  a  substantial  percentage  of people.  Fatigue  is  the  most  persistent  and  debilitating  symptom  of  long  COVID.

“Enzymes and probiotics are a robust mechanism to revitalize stamina and vitality, which is proved during the recently concluded randomized clinical trials,” said Mr. Vasant Rathi, Chairman, AETL.

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