WPI Inflation rises to 2.93% in February

Biznext India : The Wholesale price Inflation for the month of February has risen to 2.93%  as compared to 2.76%  for January and 2.74% during the corresponding month of the previous year ( February 2018).
Build up inflation rate in the financial year so far was 2.75% compared to a build up rate of 2.56% in the corresponding period of the previous year.
The index for primary articles declined by 0.2%  to 134.2 (provisional) from 134.5 (provisional) for the previous month. The index for ‘Food Articles’ group declined by 0.2 percent to 143.8 (provisional) from 144.1 (provisional) for the previous month due to lower price of peas/chawali (7%), tea (5%), fruits & vegetables (3%) and condiments & spices, mutton and gram (1% each).  However, the price of betel leaves (17%), maize (7%), arhar (5%), bajra (4%), barley and jowar (3% each), poultry chicken, fish-marine, moong, masur and wheat (2% each) and paddy, urad, pork, ragi, egg and fish-inland (1% each) moved up.
The index for Fuel and Power  rose by 1.7 percent to 101.0 (provisional) from 99.3 for the previous month. The index for this major group rose by 0.2 percent to 118.1 (provisional) from 117.9 (provisional) for the previous month.
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