More job opportunities in India today than 10 years ago: Survey


Biznextindia : Consumer data intelligence firm Axis My India has released its latest findings of the India Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI), a monthly analysis of consumer perception on a wide range of issues.

According to the CSI survey, half of the respondents believe that there are currently more job openings than there were in the past decade. Among the female population, 53% have a positive outlook, indicating an increase in job opportunities for their gender. Furthermore, the younger age group (18-25 years old) also perceives an increase in job opportunities over time.

The survey findings indicate that 25% of the respondents would prefer their children to pursue a career in the government service, while 16% prefer the medical profession and 10% prefer fields related to engineering, computer applications, and IT. However, the majority (35%) believe that their children should pursue their own interests.

As for the upcoming summer season, the survey shows that 15% of the respondents plan to purchase durable goods such as air conditioners or refrigerators in the next 2-3 months. Among all age groups, the highest percentage of individuals considering such purchases (19%) are those in the 18-25-year-old range.

Moreover the survey threw light on consumer travel plans this summer season. Overall 24% plans to travel of which 23% said they are planning for a domestic holiday while 1% is planning for an international vacation. Plans to travel is higher in the younger age group of 18-25 years at 30%.

The April report reveals that household spending has increased for a majority of families in the country with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana leading the way. While essential spends increased more for rural segments, non-essential/discretionary spends remained the same as last month. However, with the summer season approaching, a surge in interest in buying white goods in the next few months is expected.

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