Suzlon secures a 69+ MW order for the 3 MW series from a leading Nordic Energy Company


Pune, India: Suzlon Group, India’s largest renewable energy solutions provider, has announced a  significant order featuring the new 3MW series within a month. This order is for the development of  a 69 MW wind power project for the Indian subsidiary of a leading Nordic Energy Company. Suzlon  will install 23 wind turbine generators (WTGs) with a Hybrid Lattice Tubular (HLT) tower and a rated  capacity of 3 MW each. The project is located at Karnataka and is expected to be commissioned in  2024.    This is the fourth order of the larger wind turbine model from the new 3 MW series ‐ the S144‐140m  is part of the agreement wherein Suzlon Energy will supply the wind turbines (equipment supply) and  project supervision and commissioning. Suzlon will also provide operations and maintenance services  post‐commissioning.

JP  Chalasani,  Chief Executive Officer,  Suzlon Group,  said,  “At  Suzlon, we  take  great  pride  that  a  leading Nordic Energy company with a proven global  track record in renewable energy has placed  their trust in Suzlon for their first wind energy project outside of Europe. This order is a testament to  the  quality  and  reliability  of  our  technology  and  service  solutions.  Targeting  the  Commercial  &  Industrial (C&I) consumer segment, this order will help in expanding the reach of renewable energy to  more Indian industries, driving  them toward  their net‐zero targets. Suzlon is committed  to leading  India’s renewable energy vision by providing solutions that combine proven technology with world‐ class service offerings. Together with our customers and our valued partners, we will continue to push  the boundaries of what is possible and drive meaningful progress  towards a cleaner, greener, and  more prosperous tomorrow for all.”

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