RattanIndia’s Revolt Motors Announces Low Cost Financing Scheme for its electric motorcycles


New Delhi : Revolt Motors, India’s highest selling electric motorcycle company, has recently announced a new low-cost financing scheme for its customers. The scheme aims to make it easier for customers to purchase Revolt motorcycles without any financial strain. With this financing option, it becomes more affordable for customers to buy world class AI enabled Revolt electric motorcycles at one of the lowest interest rates in the industry. The financing scheme offers customers the option to purchase Revolt motorcycles with a low interest rate of 5.99% per annum, making it an affordable choice for many customers. This low cost financing scheme combined with complete saving on petrol expenses, gives significant savings to customers as compared to traditional petrol motorcycles.

“Our low-cost financing scheme is designed to make it easier for people to own our electric motorcycles and benefit from the significant cost savings that Revolt electric motorcycles provide” said Mrs. Anjali Rattan, Business Chairperson of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited, holding company of Revolt Motors.

Revolt Motors is committed to sustainable transportation and believes that electric motorcycles are the future of transportation given significant cost savings and environmental benefits that they provide. With ever increasing petrol costs, environmental concerns, and the need to reduce carbon emissions, electric motorcycles have gained significant popularity in recent years. By providing a low-cost financing scheme, Revolt Motors aims to encourage more customers to switch to electric motorcycles, enabling them to save significant monthly expenses and at the same time contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment. Customers can apply for financing online or visit any of Revolt Motors’ authorized dealerships to avail of the scheme or book through Revolt website. The financing scheme is available for a limited time, and customers are encouraged to take advantage of this offer soon.

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