PESTICO eyes tier-II and tier-III towns

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Bhubaneswar: PESTICO, one of the leading Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) listed member from Kolkata, serves users all through India. It focusses on property protection from various pest invasions by developing a chemical blockade around it. In becoming a dependable company for pest control services in Kolkata it has traversed a long way since 2015.

The company has extensive expansion plans, which includes branch operations to other tier-I cities, subsequently to tier-II & tier-III towns. To increase corporate segment share, hence promote business visibility is the aim of the organization.

While discussing on their uniqueness, Ruben Mukherjee, the spokesperson of the organisation expresses, “We try to prove ourselves different through our methodology and values. We believe that successful management of pest infestation can be achieved through effective cooperation between our employees and clients, hence our trained technicians carefully diagnose the root cause. Based on it, solutions are notified to our customers before initiating the actual treatment. While treating the pest problem, we just don’t kill them but we also create a chemical barrier between the human inhabitation and pest infestation.”

Pests not only cause expensive property damage but are also the carriers of infectious diseases which requires intensive cleaning.

Regarding the challenges faced, Mukherjee stated that one of the biggest challenges is the ongoing COVID pandemic. Since their work involves attending residential houses or offices, the effect led to reduced business growth. Hazard-free treatment for humans, alter pest characteristics due to climate changes, increased competitions from local unorganised and non-licensed pest operators are some of challenges faced on daily basis.

“We try to overcome such barriers by following WHO and other government institution standards & practices, increased networking with renowned chemical & equipment suppliers for latest technological adaptation,” he further mentioned.

Regardless of the sternness of the invasion, the organisation is prepared with industry-leading equipment, sanitary tools, disinfectants and pesticides. The organisation employs highly-qualified team of well-versed professionals with the latest pest control treatment procedures and technology techniques following meticulous training strategy.


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