Parking Lap launches Parking Management System Software to automate Car Parking Process


Gurgaon : Parking Lap has launched an affordable and safe Parking Management Software for residential buildings, commercial spaces, gated communities, and so on. Parking Lap has developed this software to minimize the area for parking the cars. It is multi-story parking software designed to automate the parking. It is known by many other names like automated car parking system, automated car parking, car parking system, robotic car parking system, tower car parking, and robotic parking garage. The ultimate aim of the Parking Management System software is to minimize the use of space and maximize the parking space.

Using Parking Management System Software is easy to use for anyone. The concierge staff and property managers can easily manage residents and visitors parking through online portal access. The automated parking system works like a robot. The motorists only have to drive the car up to the entry gate. After that, the car will be automatically get parked through the Parking Management System. Likewise, the car will get come out of the parking space through the robotic system.

Since parking spaces have been crowded and always seem a shortage of space, it has become important to find a solution to utilize the available space as much as possible. Here the automated parking system comes in. It helps to utilize the available space and ensure the car is parked safely.

The automated car parking system is secured as the car parked, and its content is out of public access. Often we face car damage issues in the car parking. But the automated parking system prevents the car from getting damaged, such as dents and scrapes. In urban areas, real estate developers face parking challenges while designing any project due to limited space availability. The automated car parking system is the smart solution for every real estate project by providing an automated parking system in a minimum space. Real estate developers will benefit from using the automated car parking system because it provides you more space for car parks in a small footprint.

Besides, Parking Lap has also launched a car parking smart app to make your car parking experience better. Parking Lap will convert 2 to 3 cars into 20 to 40 by cars by parking tower. The smart app will control the parking tower. The Smart Parking App lets you the nearest parking tower and available car park space beforehand. The app will also maintain parking charges and a history of your parking.

The Automated Car Parking System will make the entire car parking procedure very smooth. Firstly, you will park your car at the entry gate and come outside of the car. Then the automated car parking system will automatically park your car at a safe place. At the time of coming back for the car, you only have to give authentication. Finally, your car is ready.

The automated car parking system by Parking Lap is easy to operate with a little bit of initial guidance. Experts at Parking Lap will provide proper insight into the Automated Car Parking System.

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