Novoloop Breaks Ground on Pilot Plant with Aether, Paving the Way for a Circular Plastic Future


Surat :  Novoloop, a leading plastic circular economy technology company, announces the construction of a pilot plant in India, marking a major milestone toward its vision of a truly circular world. This collaboration with Aether Industries, a publicly-listed speciality chemical manufacturer and chemical process development provider, will demonstrate the scalability of Novoloop’s Lifecycling™ technology. This breakthrough technology transforms post-consumer plastic waste into virgin-quality monomers for the synthesis of virgin-quality, highperformance materials such as the company’s Lifecycled™ thermoplastic polyurethane. “The integrated pilot plant, mirroring our full-scale commercial process design, marks a pivotal advancement in technology readiness,” said Nedim Hasanbegovic, VP of Engineering at Novoloop. Equipped with industrially-applicable instrumentation, process controls, and safety systems, it will operate continuously confirming the reliability of this first-of-a-kind Lifecycling™ process. This crucial step will demonstrate the technology in a real-world 24/7 operating environment, paving the way for full-scale production. Additionally, the operations at Aether will validate key technoeconomic aspects such as product yield and recovery rates, demonstrating the financial attractiveness of Novoloop’s proprietary technology.

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