NDTV reports record profit in fourth quarter


NewDelhi : The NDTV Group‘s television company, NDTV Limited, has recorded its most profitable quarter and year in its history. The profit for Q4 is ₹ 17.8 crores and ₹ 59.2 crores for the year 2021-2022. The annual consolidated profit for the Group is the highest in over a decade at ₹ 79.7 crores. Significantly, the Group’s profit on core business, excluding gains on investments, has nearly doubled from ₹ 38.5 crores to ₹ 73.3 crores.

NDTV Convergence, the digital arm of the Group, has in this financial year delivered its highest-ever revenue and profit. Its position as the market leader for credible news has helped it consolidate its position as one of the country’s few profitable online content companies. The Group has in the year 2021-22 cut its external liabilities (including borrowings) by ₹ 106.4 crores.

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