L&T commences executing one of India’s Largest Communication Network for T-Fibre


Mumbai : The Smart World and Communication (SW&C) and Power Transmission & Distribution (PT&D) businesses of L&T Construction jointly commenced executing one of the largest communication network in India for Telangana Fibre Grid Corporation Ltd. The initial design & survey works are being completed and the rollout will establish IP-MPLS Infrastructure and Optical Fibre Network for affordable High-Speed Broadband Connectivity and Digital Services across 4 Zones, 11 Districts, 215 Mandals, 3201 Gram Panchayats and approximately 8.65 lakhs households in the state of Telangana.

The scope of the work involves the creation of digital infrastructure including end-to-end integration and commissioning of IP-MPLS Network, Network Operating Centre (NOC), Data Centre (DC) and Cloud-based Disaster Recovery, with key network elements such as Network Management System, Element Management System, Business Support System and other related services like Geographic Information system (GIS), Storage / Servers, Network Security, etc. to be executed by the SW&C business.

The scope also includes laying of 65,000 km of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) as a part of the complete Optical Fibre Infrastructure deployment in the state of Telangana from its Zonal Headquarters right up to homes via the Mandals and the Gram Panchayats, which will be executed by the PT&D business. This state-led project, partially funded by Central Government’s Bharatnet program.

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