Jana Small Finance Bank’s 751th  branch opened in Dahod

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Bengaluru : Jana Small Finance Bank has achieved a significant milestone by opening 751 branches across 185 cities in India and expand its affordable housing business. The 751st brach opened in Dahod, Gujarat. This move aims to cater to the increasing demand for affordable housing solutions in the country.

The total branch count of Jana Small Finance Bank now stands at 751, spread across 24 states and Union territories. The bank has prioritized expanding its footprint in unbanked rural centres, with 272 branches located in these areas, accounting for 36% of the total branch count. Moreover, 396 branches of the bank offer housing loans, representing 53% of the total number of branches.

Jana Small Finance Bank has also taken the lead in digital banking solutions by launching three Digital Banking Units (DBUs), which are 100% digital branches. One of these branches, located in Bihta, is an all-women branch. These DBUs have helped the bank provide innovative and convenient banking solutions to its customers.

Jana Small Finance Bank’s expansion is a significant step towards providing affordable housing solutions to the people of India. By launching 15 new branches that offers housing loans, Jana Small Finance Bank has further strengthened its presence in the affordable housing market.


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