Inox Wind’s 3 MW Turbine receives Type Certification from TUV SUD


Biznextindia : Inox Wind, India’s leading wind energy solutions provider, today announced that TUV SUD, a leading global certification body based in Germany, has granted a Type Certificate to Inox Wind for their state of the art, new generation 3 MW wind turbine with a booster capacity of up to 3.3 MW. This certification signifies that the prototype turbine has successfully met the necessary requirements for serial production and commissioning. TUV SUD’s certification process included rigorous testing and verification in accordance with the internationally recognized standard, IEC 61400-22, and the Type Certificate issued is valid worldwide. Further, issuance of the Type Certificate confirms that the theoretical design calculations for Inox Wind’s 3 MW wind turbine reflects the expected behaviour of the turbines as measured on the field.

Inox Wind’s 3 MW turbine, developed with globally renowned AMSC as the technology partner, features a 100 m tubular tower and 145 m rotor diameter – one of the largest in its class. This wind turbine offers one of the lowest costs of energy on a per unit basis given its compact design, resulting in lower costs of production, transport & logistics as well as installation, thereby giving the company a sustainable edge in the Indian WTG market. Mr. Kailash Tarachandani, CEO of Inox Wind, commenting on the occasion said ‘the successful completion of this comprehensive evaluation and receipt of the Type Certification demonstrates Inox Wind’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable and high-performance wind turbines to the market. Inox Wind’s 3 MW turbine offers significant advancements in wind power technology, and its innovative design promises improved efficiency and performance, ensuring optimal energy generation at wind sites worldwide. There is significant interest and enquiries for the turbine, across customer segments. With the Type Certification in place, we will commercially launch our 3 MW state-of-the-art WTG, which will be the backbone of our future growth.’

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