Greaves Finance’s evfin partners with Ather Energy to offer financing solutions for Ather two-wheelers


Biznextindia : Greaves Finance Limited, an NBFC and a fully owned subsidiary of Greaves Cotton Ltd, has unveiled a collaboration through its brand “evfin” with Ather Energy, a prominent Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer. This strategic alliance between evfin and Ather Energy is set to provide customers with unparalleled access to a wide array of personalized financing solutions, meticulously designed to align with their distinct requirements and desires. The primary objective of this partnership is to transform the landscape of electric vehicle ownership, augmenting convenience and desirability for prospective EV enthusiasts.
Distinguished by its exclusivity, Ather Energy’s clientele will enjoy a unique privilege – the opportunity to select from five carefully crafted financing programs offered by evfin. Each of these schemes has been thoughtfully tailored to accommodate a diverse spectrum of needs and preferences, with a central emphasis on facilitating buyback and upgrade options.
Ride.fin (Buyback), presents an opportunity for customers to enjoy the Ather 450X at affordable EMIs. They are given the flexibility to either return the vehicle after four years or to continue with the same EMIs for an additional year. For Upgrade, evfin offers Smart.fin an assured buyback program, allowing customers to upgrade to the next generation of Ather electric two-wheelers effortlessly. For those seeking a secure financing option, protect.fin (Secured) will provide classic finance schemes and extended warranty plans for five years, ensuring peace of mind and additional protection. On the other hand, zip.fin (Lowest ROI) will cater to cost-conscious customers by offering the lowest interest rate, starting at just 3.99% ROI. With these options, Ather Energy’s customers can select the financing solution that best aligns with their requirements. Sandeep Divakaran, CEO of Greaves Finance Limited, commented, “Partnering with Ather Energy ignites our enthusiasm to transform the affordability of electric vehicles. Together, we aim to elevate the customer experience to new heights and overcome any obstacles hindering widespread EV adoption. Ather Energy’s valued customers now have the chance to embrace sustainable and efficient electric mobility with our tailored financing solutions, unlocking a future of limitless green transportation possibilities.”

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