Cyient launches an AI-Powered Framework for Automated System and Software Testing (CyFAST)


Hyderabad : Cyient, a leading consulting-led, industry-centric, global technology solutions company, announced the launch of an AI-Powered Framework for Automated System and Software Testing (CyFAST), to accelerate end-to-end test automation. The platform enables end-to-end test automation across web, mobile, desktop, and embedded application and hardware devices, providing a comprehensive environment for managing testing projects.

The conversion of physical products into digital products enabling core functions through software has accelerated over the last few years, with multiple factors driving enterprise engineering teams’ investments. Enterprises have spent about US$250 billion in 2021, on smart, connected, and autonomous products, with expectations of 15-20% CAGR through 2025. While more than 90% of enterprises are actively thinking about integrating software and digital technologies in their products, only ~25% have managed to scale their initiatives across multiple product lines and geographies, indicating huge potential for future growth.

The need to integrate hardware, embedded, software, and connectivity aspects with the requisite domain knowledge require enterprises to access diverse skill sets at scale, manage the testing of software across a distributed environment / multiple platforms, and make high upfront investments. CyFAST addresses these challenges by providing a single framework that leverages existing automation assets to enable end-to-end system & software testing along with planning and scheduling multisite and parallel execution of test cases. This innovative platform enables efficient and high-quality testing of complex systems and software, leveraging cognitive intelligence for optimized test orchestration, risk-based testing, and regulatory documentation.

“CyFAST is yet another testimonial of Cyient’s commitment to delivering value to its customers through industry-centric technology-led solutions. While this platform’s benefits will have a bearing on almost every sector, the automotive, mobility, and medical device industries will witness significant impact through reduced test cycles and agility. Our platform has been built on a plug-and-play model with an integrated dashboard, enabling 50% faster time to market while delivering 30% cost savings through efficient test coverage and better productivity” Mr. Rajaneesh Kini, CTO, Cyient said.

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