AXISCADES Technologies Completes Acquisition of Mistral Solutions


Bengaluru : AXISCADES Technologies Ltd., a leading end-to-end technology and engineering solutions company announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Mistral Solutions Private Ltd., a leader in Semiconductor, Embedded Electronics, Defence and Product Engineering capabilities. The acquisition, which was initiated in the year 2017, was executed over 4 phases at an aggregate acquisition cost of INR 296 crores. With the completion of this acquisition, AXISCADES strengthens its position as a technology leader, providing cutting-edge product design and development services to its customersfor a wide range of applications.

Mistral is a perfect complement to AXISCADES’ portfolio, and with the resulting synergies the Company unlocks diversified opportunities and foresees significant upside to both revenue and margins. The acquisition bolsters the company’s ability in the digital engineering, embedded electronics and systems engineering domains, enabling it to make an even bigger impact and add value to collective clients across industries and geographies.

“We are delighted with the completion of Mistral acquisition, which is one of the industry leaders, with exceptional competencies in the semiconductor industry and a recognized defence player, operating for more than 25 years. This partnership will enable us to build upon a complementary portfolio of offerings and allow us to scale-up our operations, while delivering innovative solutions to our customers” David Bradley, Chairman of AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. Said.

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