Amara Raja Batteries Limited is now Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited


Hyderabad : Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), a leading name in India’s industrial and automotive battery sector (listed as BSE: 500008 and NSE Code: AMARAJABAT), had embarked on a transformation journey around two years ago when it announced to direct its focus beyond batteries and address the larger energy and mobility space. Today the company capped off the journey with the official name change to Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited (ARE&M). This strategic change underscores company’s commitment to its new role as a comprehensive solutions provider in the Energy & Mobility sector.

Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited (ARE&M) today presents a diverse portfolio of solutions and products, including Automotive Batteries, Industrial Batteries, Battery Energy Storage Solutions, Lithium-Ion Cell Manufacturing, wide range of EV Chargers, Li-ion Battery Pack Assembly, Renewable Energy Storage Solutions, Battery Management Systems, and Lubricants. The new approach will rest upon two core pillars: Value maximisation of existing Lead-Acid battery business channel with allied products, and fostering the growth of the New Energy Business. ARE&M will actively seek synergies and explore exciting opportunities between these two pillars. A subsidiary, Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies Private Limited (ARACT) was established in November 2022 to house the Li-ion initiatives, as part of which the company is setting up a 16Gwh Gigafactory for manufacturing cells and battery packs, and a state-of-the-art collaborative R&D facility called the E Positive Energy Labs.

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