After Bengaluru, Hero Motocrop commences deliveries of VIDA V1 electric Scooters in Jaipur, Delhi to follow soon


New Delhi: After Bengaluru, Hero Motocorp has commenced deliveries of its Vida electric scooters ‘VIDA V1’ in Jaipur. The company has also said that it will start deliveries of the EVs in Delhi soon.

The first customers in Jaipur city were delivered the scooter from VIDA’s ‘Experience Center’. The Experience Center in Jaipur is located in the renowned C-Scheme locality and will be the hub of all brand events and communities in the city.

Dr. Swadesh Srivastava, Head – Emerging Mobility Business Unit (EMBU), Hero MotoCorp, said: “We are delighted to be here in Jaipur, giving customers a first-hand experience of the “Worry Free EV Ecosystem” of VIDA. The response from our customers – first in Bengaluru and now in Jaipur – has been highly encouraging for us. From the ride quality to performance to acceleration, users have loved the VIDA V1. We are now gearing up to expand our presence and further penetrate the market. Deliveries will next begin in Delhi. Our aim is to propagate clean mobility through a seamless and hassle-free customer experience through an omni-channel approach that is built on our custom tech-stack.”

The highly customizable, Built-to-Last VIDA V1, with convenient removable batteries and three-way charging options, is available in two variants – VIDA V1 Plus at Rs. 133,810/- and VIDA V1 Pro at Rs. 147,262/-, price includes all connected features, portable charger and charging service. (Effective Price Jaipur).

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