Adani Electricity Mumbai announces USD 2 billion Global Medium-Term Notes Program (GMTN) program

First ever GMTN program by an energy utility player in India

  • Prices the maiden sustainability linked takedown of USD 300 Mn, attracts significant interest from high quality global investors. Issue oversubscribed 9.2 times.
  • AEML’s capital management plan enters second phase with 100% of the term debt being
    placed in the international capital markets. Overall maturity increased to ~9 years

Mumbai: Adani Transmission Limited’s (ATL) distribution arm, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML), has announced the setup of a USD 2 billion Global Medium-Term Notes program (GMTN). The GMTN program and the Sustainability Linked Bond issuance is the next step in AEML’s Capital Management Plan. AEML also settled the maiden takedown of USD 300m under the program today. The order-book for the takedown was oversubscribed by 9.2x by high quality real money global investors and the global geographical split of the investors was Asia –49%, EMEA – 27% and North America – 24%.

AEML, one of India’s largest integrated utilities, servicing over 12 million consumers in Mumbai, priced its first takedown of USD 300 Mn through 10-year notes under the 144A / REG S format.

With this transaction, AEML’s capital management plan enters the second phase with 100% of the term debt being placed in the international capital markets with the overall maturity now increased to ~9 years.

The Key Performance Indicators chosen for the SLB framework contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG 7 (Affordable Clean Energy), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG 13 (Climate Change).

“The challenging short-term targets of increasing the renewable energy penetration in AEML’s power purchase mix from the current 3% to 30% by 2023 and then 60% by 2027 are legally covenanted targets which are consistent with the COP26 targets. AEML has set for itself some of the nation’s most challenging renewable penetration targets in the short term, thereby showcasing our commitment towards net zero emissions. We have also committed to the short-term target of reductions of Green House Gas (GHG) Emission Intensity by 60% from FY19 levels to stay in line with COP26 targets. In addition to the legally covenanted targets, we have publicly announced a target of 70% renewable penetration by 2030” said Mr. Kandarp Patel, MD & CEO, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited.

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