Ray of Hope : Worldwide COVID-19 recovery cases surpasses 1 lakh mark


Biznextindia : While the number of COVID19 positive cases has risen to 3.81 lakh across the globe, the number of recovery cases has surpassed the one lakh mark for the first time. The rising number of recovery cases has raised the hope for countries fighting against the deadly virus.

As per reports till Tuesday morning, out of the total 381,761 Coronavirus cases, active cases are 262,774 cases and closed cases are 118,997 cases. Out of the closed cases, only 14% or 16558 cases are fatalities and rest 86% or 102,429 cases are recovery cases, which mean that these people have either discharged or fully recovered.

Also out of the 262,774 active cases almost 95% or 250,712 patients have mild symptoms and they have great chances of recovery if proper medical care is provided.

Ray of Hope

While the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) has brought unprecedented disaster worldwide, killing thousands of people & destroying economies, the world community is yet to accept defeat. In fact, the virus has united the whole mankind, strengthened our resolve to fight against the invisible enemy…and as the US president says “We will Win”.

This special column will provide you the positive developments amid all the shocking news.

Out of the 81,171 positive cases in China, about 90% or 73159 persons have fully recovered.

With more than one billion people in various countries across the world are under lockdown, it is expected that the growth of COVID19 cases will slow down in the coming weeks.

Almost two-third of India’s 1.3 billion people are inside their homes as governments of 30 states and union territories in India have declared lockdown till 32st March. With methods like social distancing, India is eying to halt the chain of infections of COVID19 which is said to be at its second stage in the country.

With India’s number of OCOVID19 cases nearing the 500 mark, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the nation at 8 pm on Tuesday. He is likely to announce several tough measures to check community spread of the virus in India.

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