Coronavirus : India’s death toll rises to 3 as 64-year man dies in Mumbai

India extends travel restriction to Afghanistan, Malaysia and Philippines


New Delhi: India’s death toll due to the Novel Corona virus (COVID19) Epidemic has increased to 3 as a 64 year Maharashtra man died at Mumbai’s Kasturba Hospital. He had a travel history from Dubai. Previously, a 76 year Bangalore man and a 68 year Delhi woman were died of Coronavirus.

Despite tough government efforts, India’s coronavirus infection cases have increased to 125 by March 17th. Among the states Maharastra tops the list with 39 reported cases followed by Kerala with 22 positive cases, A

Meanwhile, stepping up its effort to control the spread of the virus, India on Tuesday banned travelers from countries like Afganistan, Philipines, Malaysia. According to a government notification, no flights from these countries will take off from these countries to India from 3 pm Indian Standard Time (IST). The advisory will be in force till March 31st.

On Monday India had imposed complete travel ban from the European Union, UK and Turkey. The government had also imposed travel restrictions from several Middle -East countries like Qatar, Kuwait and UAE.


Union Health Minister Dr. Harhvardhan is scheduled to meet President Ramnath Kovind to apprise him on the situation in India.

Meanwhile, worldwide the situation has deteriorated further as total positive cases have risen to 1,75,530 and more than 7000 deaths, evan as the US president Donald Trump announced the trial of a new vaccine for the coronavirus.

Hollywood actor Adris Elba has gone isolation after tested positive in Coronavirus. Earlier, famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson had tested positive with coronavirus.

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