India’s COVID19 recovery rate rises to 20%, Gap between the global rate is narrowing down

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New Delhi: With rising number of recoveries, the gap between India’s COVID19 recovery rate and the world rate is narrowing down.

As on Friday morning, India’s total number of cases has surpassed the 23 thousand mark, which includes 718 deaths and 4748 recoveries. While India’s death rate is little more than 3%, the recovery rate has surpassed the 20% mark. Globally the death rate is 6.9 % and recovery rate is at 27%

In the beginning of April, India’s recovery rate was just 8% as compared to 20% globally. Meanwhile, India’s death toll has crossed 3% as compared to 2.3% in the beginning of the month.


India’s low positivity rate

On Thursday, ICMR, India’s top medical research Institute said that the growth in India’s COVID19 cases is stable. India’s positivity rate (number of positive cases per 100 tests) is also very low as compared to the top affected countries.

While India’s positivity rate is at 4%, the US’ rate is 16%, Italy’s rate is 20% and UK’s rate is 24%.

India had 20 thousand positive cases after the completion of 5 lakh cases on 22nd of April

As compared to India, US has completed 5 lakh tests on 26 March and had 80 thousand positive cases or 16% positivity rate. Italy had completed 5 lakh testing by 31st March and found 1 lakh positives or 20% positivity rate. Similarly, UK had completed 5 lakh tests on 20 April and had found 1.2 lakh positive cases or 24% positivity rate and Turkey had done 5 lakh tests on 16 April and had 80 thousand positive cases or 16% positivity rate.

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