India bats for Secure & Trusted Telecom networks, devices

Indian Mobile Congress 2021 inaugurated


New Delhi: In view of rising concerns over security of telecom networks and equipments in the backdrop of new Geo-political realities, India on Wednesday batted for a new framework which will enable people to have trusted sources of equipments and networks.

“There is a paramount concern of all nations about the security of the telecom networks. People want the telecom equipments, devices and telecom network operating systems etc to be from trusted sources. The new Geo-political realities are facing all of us” said Indian Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishav during his inaugural address in the Indian Mobile Congress 2021.

“Under such circumstances, a good framework, that enables people to have trusted sources, to have good equipments and also bring overall trust in the telecom sector, is the need of the hour” he added.

He also said that while the spread of (Telecom) service has really increased, the quality of service is still an issue. He urged all the stakeholders of the industry to come up with solutions to improve the quality of services.

India should focus on affordable devices, applications also: Mukesh Ambani

In his address Mukesh Ambai, Chairman RIL, said that Reliance Jio is currently focusing on 4G and 5G execution and broadband infrastructure expansion. We have developed a 100% home grown and comprehensive 5G technology which is fully cloud-based and digitally managed.

He said, that affordability has been a critical driver in the growth of telecom subscriber base in India. So India should focus not only on affordable services, but affordable devices and applications also. The best way in ensuring comprehensive affordability is adaptation of futuristic technology and supportive policy like the use of the USO (universal service Obligation) fund for the purpose other than services.



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