So called followers of Dr Lohia have completely abandoned his principles : Modi


NewDelhi: Remembering ace freedom fighter, socialist and political leader Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia on his birth anniversary, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that his government in the last 5 years has been trying to fulfill the vision of Dr Lohia for Inclusive development. However, he also took the occasion to target the Congress and other political parties.

In his special blog titled “Remembering Dr. Lohia” he has written  that “whenever Dr. Lohia spoke, inside or outside Parliament, the Congress trembled with fear. He knew how disastrous Congress was. In 1962 Dr Lohia had said that during the Congress regime neither agriculture and industry nor the army has improved. These words can accurately describe even subsequent Congress regimes, where farmers were harassed, industry was discouraged (except if they belonged to friends and relatives of Congress leaders) and national security was ignored.

He has also criticized other political parties who have been claiming the followers of Dr Lohia.  “Anti-Congressism was Dr. Lohia’s heart and soul. Those parties that claim inspiration from Dr. Lohia have completely abandoned his principles. They are leaving no opportunity to insult him. Today those parties that falsely claim to be Dr. Lohia’s followers are desperate to form an opportunistic Maha Milawat or adulteration alliances with the same Congress. It is both ironical and reprehensible” the PM has written.

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