Odisha announces EV Policy 2021,  Electric cars to get subsidy upto Rs.1 lakh

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Bhubaneswar: With a view to achieve adoption of 20% Battery Electric Vehicles in all vehicle registrations by 2025, the Odisha government has notified the draft “Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy, 2021”.

Under the policy, the state government has announced slew of fiscal and other measures for both user and manufacturers to promote EVs in the state. The fiscal incentives include Purchase incentives, Scrapping incentives, Interest subvention in loans and Waiver of Road tax & Registration fees. Among the non-fiscal measures, the policy has proposed establishment of a wide network of Charging Stations and swappable battery stations across the state.

The fiscal incentives would be in addition to the demand incentives available in the FAME India Phase-II Scheme of Government of India

Proposed Incentives for EV users

1.    The government will provide 15% subsidy on the sale price of EVs as purchase incentive. However, the maximum amount of subsidy for 2-wheelers is Rs. 5000, for 3-wheelers it is Rs.12000 and for four wheelers (private cars) it is Rs.1 lakh.

2.    There shall be open permit for autos (three wheelers).

3.    100% interest free loans would be made available to State Government employees for purchase of Electric Vehicles.

4.    Interest subvention to public for purchasing personal EVs.

5. Government Departments/Offices, Public Sector Undertakings will give preference to hire EVs for Official use and the above purchase incentives will be applicable for the private Owners to purchase these vehicles. Government Department/ Offices/ Public Sector Undertakings will purchase EVs when such purchase is necessary and is allowed.

6.  Public parking: Municipal Authorities will provide subsidized parking for all personal EVs. Individual Towns/Cities will prepare city parking plan to encourage provisions for on- street parking places for EVs with subsidized fees and EV charging stations.

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