Why PM Modi may not target Naveen Pattnaik in his Odisha rally today ?


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Bhubaneswar: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a public gathering at Odisha’s cultural hub Cuttack today afternoon. He is expected to highlight the achievements of his government in the last 4 years.


With several surveys predict BJP may lose some seats in its stronghold areas i.e. the Northern and Western parts of the country, it is eying to get some seats in the Eastern and Southern India, traditionally weak zones for the BJP, to adjust the shortfall. In the East India two major states West Bengal and Odisha with 63 Lok Sabha Seats combined, will be crucial for the Party’s Gameplan for 2019, though may be challenging to achieve.


In Odisha the rulling BJD, once an NDA ally, has been going stronger even after 4 consecutive wins with its Charismatic Leader Naveen Pattnaik.


So naturally Narendra Modi in his today’s speech will try to  target the BJD government’s failures? But a million dollar question, will he target Naveen Pattnaik also ?


Political experts say, The PM may not target the Chief Minister given the BJD’s neutral stance in the national politics. The Odisha based party has so far kept itself away from the other regional parties and the so called Federal Front.


Last week when almost all the regional and Non-NDA parties gathered at the Oath Taking Ceremony of HD Kumarswamy in Karnataka, Naveen Pattnaik  chose to stay away from it.


This gives the BJP a hope to bring back its old ally to the NDA, in case it failed to get the required numbers in the upcoming Geberal Elections next year

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