Total cases surge past 9000 as India prepares for lockdown extension

No complete lock-down this time and few economic activities to resume: Sources


New Delhi: While India is preparing for a two-week extension of the nationwide lockdown, the total number of COVID19 cases have surpassed the 9 thousand mark as on Monday morning.

Government of India is likely to announce a two-week extension of the nationwide lockdown till April end. However, the government may relax few key sectors in order to ease the pressure on the economy. According to government sources, there may not be a complete lockdown during the extended period and few economic activities are expected to resume.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare the country’s total number of cases has touched 9152 which includes 7987 active cases and 308 deaths. The number of patients who have cured and discharged from hospital has reached 856, which is 9.3% of the total number of cases.

Though the percentage of cured patients has increased to 9.3% from about 8% last week, it is still below the world average of 22.7%.

In India, Maharastra has remained on top of the list with 1985 positive cases which include 149 deaths and 217 recoveries.  Mumbai’s Dharavi, one the world’s biggest slums, has remained the main cause of concern as total cases have risen to 47.

Worldwide, the total number of cases has risen to 18.5 lakh including 1.14 lakh fatalities and 4.23 lakh recoveries.

As per latest reports ( , USA’s  total number of cases has surpassed 5.6 lakh which includes 22,115  deaths and 32,134 recoveries. Span’s total number of cases has increased to 166,831 including 17,209 deaths and 62,391 recoveries. Italy’s total cases have increased to 156,363 including 19,899 deaths and 34211 recoveries. Of the world’s 18.5 lakh COVID19 cases, only 5 countries US, Span, Italy, France and Germany account more than 60% cases.

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