Sharad Pawar rejects Ajit’s claim on alliance with BJP

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Mumbai: Rejecting nephew Ajit’s claim that NCP has alliance with BJP, NCP chief Sharad power on Sunday said that there is no question of any alliance with BJP and Ajit’s statement is false and misleading.


“There is no question of forming an alliance with @BJP4Maharashtra.NCP has unanimously decided to ally with  @ShivSena  &  @INCMaharashtra  to form the government. Shri Ajit Pawar’s statement is false and misleading in order to create confusion and false perception among the people” Pawar has twitted few minutes after the twit of Ajit Pawar.

Earlier, Akit Pawar had said  that he is still in the NCP and will always be in the NCP and Sharad Pawar is his  leader. The BJP-NCP alliance shall provide a stable Government in Maharashtra for the next five years which will work sincerely for the welfare of the State and its people.

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