Petrol, Diesel prices increased


Bhubaneswar : With  the Indian rupee has weakened further, the price of petrol rose by 13 paise to Rs 78.18 per litre in Delhi today, while that of diesel rose by 14 paise to Rs 69.75 per litre, according to information uploaded in Indian Oil Corporation’s website.

The price of petrol in Mumbai is now Rs 85.60 per litre while that of diesel is Rs 74.05 per litre. However, the price of petrol is not at an all-time high, which was achieved on May 29 when it rose to Rs 78.43 in Delhi and Rs 86.24 in Mumbai. In Bhubaneswar, the Petrol and Diesel prices have increased to Rs.77.06 and Rs.74.82.

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