NMDC reports drop in April Iron Ore Production, Sales


Bhubaneswar:  Public sector miner NMDC has produced 2.42 million tonnes of Iron Ore during the month of April, which was almost half of the March production of 4.18 million tonnes. The April production includes 1.57 million tonnes of Iron Ore produced in Chattishgarh and 0.84 million tonnes in Karnataka.

Similarly, the monthy sale of iron ore has also been halved to 2.22 million tonnes from 4.15 million tonnes in March 2018.

During the month, the company has reduced Iron Ore prices keeping in view increased supply. Iron ore lump prices had been reduced from Rs. 3000 per tonne  to Rs.2900 per tonne.  Fines prices had also been reduced to Rs.2560 per tonne from  Rs.2660 per tonne.

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