NMDC keeps Iron Ore prices unchanged for July

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New Delhi : Public sector Iron Ore miner NMDC has kept Iron ore prices unchanged for the period starting 26th June till further notification. Currently sized iron ore is selling at Rs.3050 per tonne, Iron Ore fines are selling at Rs.2660 per tonne. These prices are excluding Royalty, DMF, NMET, Cess, Forest Permit Fee and other taxes.

It may be noted that, NMDC had increased the prices from the period May 24. Before that it had cut Iron ore lump Prices from Rs. 3000 per tonne  to Rs.2900 per tonne and  Fines prices from  Rs.2660 per tonne to  Rs.2560 per tonne from 18th April till 22nd May.

In the last fiscal, NMDC had registered a growth of 5% in production and 1% growth in sales of iron ore over the corresponding period last year (2016-17). NMDC has produced 35.58 million tonnes and sold 36.07 million tonnes of iron ore during 2017-18 against production of 34.01 million tonnes and sales of 35.62 million tonnes in corresponding period last year.

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