ISRO launches 36 Oneweb satellites through LVM3-M3 rocket

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Biznextindia : The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Sunday launched 36 OneWeb satellites using Launch Vehicle Mark-III (LVM3-M3)/OneWeb India-2 Mission.

The launch took place at 9 am from the second launch pad at Sathish Dhawan Space Centre located in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The countdown for this second commercial launch of India’s largest rocket, LVM3, started at 8:30 am on Saturday. During the 24.5-hour countdown, the rocket and satellite systems underwent final health checks, and the liquid and cryogenic stages of the rocket were filled with fuel.


“LVM3-M3/OneWeb India-2 mission is accomplished! All 36 OneWeb Gen-1 satellites injected into the intended orbits. In its 6th consecutive successful flight,  LVM3 carried 5805 kg of payload to Low Earth Orbit” twitted ISRO after the successful launch.

Significant milestones in OneWeb’s history

OneWeb’s latest launch, it’s third this year and eighteenth to date, marks a significant milestone in the company’s history. With the addition of 36 satellites to its fleet, OneWeb has completed the world’s first global low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation, paving the way for global coverage to begin in 2023. This achievement is a pivotal step forward in the delivery of high-speed, low-latency solutions that will help connect communities, enterprises, and governments worldwide, showcasing the unparalleled potential of LEO connectivity.

The mission is particularly noteworthy as it marks OneWeb’s second satellite deployment from India, highlighting the collaboration between the UK and Indian space industries. OneWeb’s solutions will bring secure connectivity not only to enterprises but also to towns, villages, municipalities, and schools, including the hardest-to-reach areas across India. OneWeb has already activated its connectivity solutions in key geographies across the globe and is continuing to expand its coverage by partnering with leading providers such as VEON, Orange, Galaxy Broadband, Paratus, Telespazio, and others.

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