Israel Air force strikes vital Hamas targets ahead of UN Security Council meet

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Biznextindia : Ahead of UN Security Council’s crucial meeting on Israel-Palestine conflict, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) on Sunday claimed it has struck vital military assets in Hammas’ intelligence HQ in northern Gaza.

“We struck military assets in Hamas’ intelligence HQ in northern Gaza, significantly harming the terrorist organization’s central infrastructure” Twitted IDF.

Yesterday, IDF had claimed that struck a vital base of Hamas’ military intelligence in Al Jalaa tower in Gaza. This base was used to gather intelligence for attacks against Israel.

However, a ‘Al Jajeera’ report has claimed that, the Al Jalaa tower had as many as 60 residential apartments and several offices including those of Al Jajeera Media Network and Associates Press (AP).

Israel has continued its air Raid for the seventh straight day on Sunday killing at least 33 Palestinians. With this, over 180 including 52 children have been killed and more than 1000 injured so far in Israel attack.

IDF has claimed that the Hamas has fired more than 2900 rockets to several civilian and vital locations of Israel killing 10 people including two children so far.

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