India’s Daily Covid Cases Fall 85% in Just 6 Weeks from Peak  : Health Ministry


New Delhi: India’s devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is on the decline.  On May 7, the number of daily infections in the country reached its peak. Since then, daily infections have dropped by about 85 percent. Similarly, the number of active cases has also declined by 78.6 per cent since the peak, said Lav Agrawal, Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Health.

He added that, currently 147 districts of the country are reporting more than 100 cases per day, which was 531 districts in the first week of May.

Similarly, the recovery rate is rising steadily. As of May 3, the country’s recovery rate had risen from 81.8 percent to 96 percent. Similarly, the daily positive rate in the first week of May exceeded 21 per cent, but has now dropped to 4 per cent.

“Even though the number of infections in the country is declining, the danger is still there. So people have to be careful and comply with the COVID-19 guidelines” he said.

India has reported 62,480 new cases and 1587 deaths in the last 24-hours. The country reported its highest ever daily cases on 7th of May.

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