Emergency a Black Day in Indian History :PM

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Mumbai : Leading the attack on the Congress, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the Emergency was a black day of Indian Democracy, a blot in our history. The Country must know the truth about the Emergency, he said addressing the BJP cadres here.

Earlier, a massive ‘war of words’ has irrupted between the Ruling BJP and the Congress on the Government Advertisement on the 43rd Anniversary of the Emergency. The Congress has slammed the government alleging misuse of public fund. The BJP on the other hand has slammed the government while defending  the advertisement.


Yesterday, Union Minister Arun Jaitely  in Facebook post had compared former Prime minister Indira Gandhi with Nazi leader Hitler. He also termed the Emergency invoked on 26th June 1975 as the darkest era of Indian Democracy.

“An atmosphere of fear and terror prevailed in the country outside. Political activity had come to a grinding halt. The dissenters were mainly political workers of the opposition party and the RSS. They kept repeatedly organizing Satyagrahas where a number of people courted arrest. It goes to the credit of Shiromani Akali Das that it offered its cadres for Satyagraha every day throughout the Emergency outside the Golden Temple and courted arrest. This earned Akali Dal a great respect in the entire country. The RSS which was unfairly banned also provided a large cadre for Satyagraha” Jaitley said.

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