COVID-19 Effect : More than 67% of Companies plan to allow remote work, says a study

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Bhubaneswar: During the BC (Before COVID) times we often dreamt of the future as robot-driven environment, driver less cars and many more modern technologies. However, all of us never visualized the simple-looking flexible work culture – working from the comfort of parks, coffee shops, etc. However, the recent global lockdown has suddenly questioned the real necessity of travel, face to face interaction and more.

In a recent study done by Indus Net Technologies, they identified that flexible work culture was due to become rampant and all the business leaders felt it was a necessity for the future.

Infact, at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in January this year, hundreds of CEOs embraced remote work and said, it is a much-needed business transformation as it can be a wonderful foundation for improving the state of the world.

While hundreds of companies are simultaneously identifying the best practices to manage their remote teams, a number of HRs and business leaders have already found remote work as a great way to, Improve work-life balance, Increase productivity, Access to quality resources.

While a number of CEOs who switched to remote working long before this pandemic sees it as a great yardstick to identify the best performers. They infact think even after the worst is over, employees who had hitherto moved into a remote work mode may not want to return back to the office as their ability to work from their comfort zone may affect their decision-making process for future.

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